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Why hello there

Hi! Chanel here and this blog is going to be about me. Why? Well because I have nothing better to do besides writing about myself. No, only joking. This blog isn't just about me it's about my friends and my family as well, the drama that goes on, me surviving it etc.

I'd like to talk about the first steps that I took today to help with my life. Now, my life isn't "shitty" meaning that it's not as bad as I personally perceive it to be. However I have had shitty moments in my life, but I mean come on who hasn't? Now the steps I took today to improve on my life was getting a gym membership, I know, I know. Big whoop a gym membership BAF (Basic As Fuck) however I did this because not only do I want to get back in shape to what I use to look like, let's just say that I'm tired of some people calling me fat. Now get this, I'm not fat in fact I'm only 20lbs heavier than what my ideal weight is supposed to be at. I'll get into the whole "fat" story in another post.

I'm also starting this blog because like so many kids my age, I suffer from OCD, Anxiety, and Depression. The triple threat as I like to call it, now my OCD isn't your typical OCD. What happens to me is I freak out when certain things are overly clean ie my bedroom or closet, and I over think things. Which the over thinking can put a damper on the dating aspect of my life. Anxiety I don't suffer too much from but occasionally I do get panic attacks. Now my depression is a little SOB (Son Of a Bitch) my depression is like this shadow that follows me quietly every day. Sometimes days are good, some days aren't with my depression I normally just turn quiet. I won't talk much and I'll cry all the time. Not a lot of people know I have depression, as they say, the funniest people are the best at hiding their depression. I have inflicted self-harm which I don't like to talk about too much either.

Now my depression and my OCD are almost best friends as I like to think of it. See its almost like a party or a kickback if you will. There I am talking/texting a cute guy all the sudden I say or type something I think I shouldn't have said. That's when OCD comes with the overthinking, once the overthinking is at its peak depression comes in. The thoughts start rushing through my head that I'm suddenly not good enough for said person, I'm stupid, etc. Then BAMB anxiety kicks in leading me to sometimes self-harm.

Other topics I'm going to be writing about will be of horrible relationships I use to be in, dealing with toxic people/friends and how I survived everything because I feel like someone out there who might be going through something that I went through could use advice or help or just know they aren't alone. I know for sure when all the shitty stuff was happening to me I definitely felt alone.

Day by day I'm learning how to cope with everything. I hope you embark on this journey with me, hear about my life and maybe we can become good friends.



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