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Update 7.30.17

Lately I've been getting told I've changed A LOT. But honestly I haven't changed not really. I'm still the same anime (anything nerdy to be honest) loving, snarky asshole I've always been. I feel like people are saying I've changed is because I'm becoming more "involved" if you want to use that word.

  What I mean by involved is going out more, yes I know I've been a straight up party girl for the past two years now. But what I mean by going out more I mean working out a lot more, going to events with my friends. Making new friends and becoming closer to my moms side of the family. Or we'll I think I'm getting closer to them? I don't know. They still don't invite me out anywhere. I was talking with my mom about it and she said that she never got invited to anything either. She then told me that if I see all of them hangin out I should just go. Pretty much inviting myself... But if I don't get an invitation in the first pl…

Update 7.16.17

Loss of friends to a gain of friends.

  Lately I've been placed with challenges in friendships that have been making me question if I should continue being said persons friend. They know who they are and they know what they're doing.

  If you're reading this, this is how I feel. If you're offended, I can't apologize for speaking my truth.

  So we've been friends for quite a while, since high school you know? She's my best friend... probably soon to be WAS my best friend. See friends are always suppose to be there for one another no matter what. Ride or die. Period. End of story. Of course we'll eventually go into our own careers, into our own families as we get older but the friendship is still there. We'll sill know we have one another. At least that's how I think a friendship should work.

  This girl I've been friends with for a long time has taken upon herself to choose dick over friendship. I know I mentioned above as we grow older we…