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Update 9.15.17

Alright, I just want to go over my last post since it left a lot of people shook. I'll first go over some common questions that I was getting asked then we'll review together why I'm writing this blog.

  Frist question: 'Are you okay?' or 'Hey, how are you?' I'm fine... Okay I guess, sometimes. Right now 9.15.17 I'm feeling a little stressed, but overall fine. When you're talking to a depressed person texting them for one day doesn't really... hmm how should I say, reassuring them that they have a support system. When I was getting all these text messages that's when I knew that these people had read my blog. I had a feeling that had I not wrote what I was feeling no one would... have listened? I mean I'm glad I wrote it, I'm not ashamed of it. This topic is something that isn't talked about that often and I feel like it should be.

  Second question: 'Are you being serious?' or 'This is just a cry for attention.…

Update 9.6.17

I didn't know what to talk about since I haven't been doing much to update you. But I think I might have something to talk about now. Betrayal. Hurt. Anger. Trust issues.

  Some pretty heavy stuff right? Yeah I know, but with some recent shitty "events" as we'll refer to them have happened. Events that I'm not okay with. So as we all know or maybe have figured, I have trust issues. This was and has been caused from moving a lot as a child, knowing my real dad didn't want me and of course the Cherry of it all, heart break.

  With the moving I don't blame my parents for that, we had to move. But not having the same friends all the time was pretty shitty and going into middle school or high school where everyone knew each other where I had to start from scratch sucked. But I'm over it and I've learned how to make friends. But now as I get older I try not to get close to anyone in fear that I'll move or they'll move away. I like keeping…