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Update 10.3.2017

When you take one step forward sometimes you take two steps back. I feel like no matter what progress I've been making into my life something is getting thrown into the gears.
  My check engine light went on in my car, of course just my luck, right? Just as I made a post about needing money, I guess more money more problems? I mean I'm not trying to rack in money just to throw it like I'm trying to get more money to pay my bills and live a life comfortably. I mean sure I do want to travel the world, I want to go everywhere I can but my bills come first.

  I'm honestly looking for a new job. Something with constant hours, I like my job with what I'm doing right now but I need something where I have promised hours. My friend was telling me to apply as a receptionist since their hours are set. She said I might have to take a pay cut though since I've never worked reception before. My mom said that it'll be easy for me to get the hang of since I already have …

Update 10.2.2017

So my best friend was telling me how I should start my YouTube channel up again. Vlogs, Tutorials etc. Now I use to do this before, but I would get made fun of doing this like all the time. Made fun of by my family as well as close friends. I still actually have a few of those very cringe-worthy videos still up on YouTube. Being made fun of for trying to make my own job I guess you can say via online pretty fucking sucked, and I know I shouldn't have let it be something that overruled what I really liked doing.

  "Why did you start YouTube?"    Well, I started my YouTube channel because one of my best friends in high school moved away to a different city and I didn't want her missing anything at school. Yeah, I'm pretty fucking weird. But I use to use this canon point and shoot camera, I would make videos about exciting shit that happened at school and post them and send them to her. I've since deleted most of those videos because people at school would be …

Update 10.1.2017

The first post for October! Wow, honestly this year has gone by really fast. I'm finding myself reflecting on a lot of what I've learned this year and if I started/ completed any of my New Years resolutions. I haven't completed most of them but honestly, do you really need a new year just to get yourself to do something beneficial in your life? So these are the 24 things that I've learned this year.'I love you' is not something to throw around to random peopleSpend time with your familyIf he walks away, you need to walk away tooAlways love yourselfYou will find loveYou will make more moneyFocus on yourselfCut out negative peopleIts okay to not be 'Okay'Talk about your feelingsDon't hold anything backDon't be the person saying 'I wish I did...' be the person that says 'Yeah, I did that.'Connect with nature moreIt's okay to not give a fuckLive within your means and not beyond itFriends that are successful help you want to be…